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Ultimate Road Trip Games Book ImageIf you own or manage a relatively well targeted family or travel oriented website, you can easily expect to sell 5 to 10 books a day if you market it effectively on your page (don't worry, we've got images and banners if you need them). If you ONLY sell 5 books a day, you'll be bringing home about $900 every single month -- while you sleep. One of our first affiliates to sign up with us put up a test link on her website and made her first sale within 10 minutes -- and that was just her "test".

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We don't just accept ANY affiliate.

We manually review every affiliate website to make sure that it has a high probability of making substantial sales. If your site doesn't get a lot of visitors, that really isn't an issue for us -- we just want to make sure that your website has the potential of attracting the kinds of visitors that typically purchase our book. Unlike many companies, we actually care about who is linking to us and we don't subscribe to the "any traffic is good traffic" theory. We want you to succeed, and we look forward to helping you do just that.

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Clickbank sells our book and handles all of the affiliate tracking and payments to you (and to us). If you are already a member of ClickBank you can skip this step. To become a free member click here. It is a simple signup process that takes about 2 minutes. They are extremely prompt with their payments. They pay us every single week by direct deposit to our checking account. It couldn't be easier.

Step 2 : Fill in our affiliate request form below.

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Step 3 : Wait for your confirmation email from us.

After you submit the form above, we are emailed your request to become an affiliate immediately. If we approve your site as an appropriate source of traffic, we will email you and let you know that you can start placing links on your site (Step 4). It rarely takes more than a couple of hours to approve your site (sometimes it takes just a few minutes). We work weekdays, weekends and off hours. Sometimes I think we never leave the computer. :)

Step 4 : Place links on any of your web pages.

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To make sure that you will get affiliate commissions credited immediately, click on your link. When you are taken to our home page, click on the order button at the bottom. When the ClickBank order form is shown, scroll down to the bottom and you will see your affiliate nickname/id.

You can use banners, text links -- anything to drive traffic. Our powerful linking script enables you to have your users only see "regular" links on your website. They do not look like typical ClickBank affiliate links and this enables far better conversions (sales). The majority of your visitors will NEVER know that you are using an affiliate program, because we "mask all affiliate tracks" until they get to the ClickBank order page.


1) Don't just copy the text from our website. It is important that when you send visitors to our site, that they (and the search engines) see different text. Wouldn't it be odd if you were browsing the internet and found a recommendation for a great book and decided to follow the link, only to find that the page you were taken to had the same exact text? Yep. It's odd and it will hurt your conversions if you take the lazy way out.

2) Don't be a car salesman. Leave the selling to us. Our website converts very well. It is important that you recommend our book, but if you try to hard sell someone on the book before they even visit, they may never click your link. Sometimes just a simple image of our book and the phrase "Download This Incredible Travel Games Book Today!" works wonders. But most of all, make the language sound like it is actually coming from you and not an advertisement.

3) Text links work great! If you can, try and incorporate a link to our site within the body of a paragraph. For example: "My family and I were on a road trip to Disney World a few weeks ago and I feared the worst. Luckily we had a copy of a kids travel games book that we downloaded and printed out the night before. It literally saved our trip." Obviously, you should use your own words though. ;)

4) Don't email people with a direct link to our site. If you decide to email people, send them to your website first. Promote yourself! If you just send a link to our site in an email, our web server will not be able to detect that the visit is coming from an affiliate. In your emails, plug a specific page on your site (or blog post) that talks about or has an advertisement for our book.

5) Don't use the term "e-book". Over the years, the term e-book seems to have become tarnished with the many people just throwing together a few phrases of how to get rich quick and selling it as an e-book. Advertising our book as an e-book, will most likely get you far less clicks ("downloadable book", "printable book", and just plain book work much better).

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Generally, simple text links are more effective at getting visitors to click, but if you prefer graphical ads, we've made a few for you. Please upload the image you choose to your own server if possible. If you need an image of something at a custom size, we'd be happy to create it for you -- just email Kurt.

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