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Image of printable travel games included in the book.

"My Kids Used To Cringe At The Thought Of A Long Car Ride. Now They Beg Me To Play These Travel Games!"

A family vacation without any travel games. Two years ago, my wife and I decided to take my daughters on our own great American road trip to Disneyland. On paper, it was about a 16 hour trip, but after all of the rest stops, it turned into a 24 hour adventure.

Unfortunately, we didn't prepare for
24 hours of driving boredom.

When we arrived back home, we vowed to never go on a long distance family road trip again without some sort of preparation -- and that's how the idea for this book came to be.


We Started To Research Games For The Road...

We found books by Klutz and from other publishers that looked really pretty from the outside, but were mostly filled with fluff (like, draw a snowman and color this ghost with a white crayon). The games they included had obviously not been tested because they lacked playability. Needless to say, we were frustrated with what we found.


There Was Only One Option -- Write Our Own Downloadable Book

Ultimate Road Trip Games Book ImageThe "Ultimate Road Trip Games" downloadable book is packed with over 140 pages of printable travel games for journeys of any length and is perfect for one child families as well as multiple child households.

After driving many thousands of miles across America, we have personally road tested every single game within the book. If a game ended up with my daughters stabbing each other with crayons, it was dropped -- never to be seen again. If it kept them busy (and happy) for hours on end, we kept it.

Not only have we included classic road trip games like Crack the Code, Find 100, Road Trip Bingo, word searches, mazes, Sudoku (and many others) we have also included these fun new travel games...


You've Never Played A License Plate Game
Like This Before...

License Plate GameWe've all played the game where you look out the window and mark down the state license plates that you see -- and of course we've included it in the book.

However, we've also gone the extra mile and developed license plate games for each individual state! So if your road trip only takes you through a single state, don't worry about boredom. You can search for the many varieties of designer plates (shown in full color) that your state offers.

We always keep a copy of our state's license plate game in our car so that we can continue to play it throughout the year. We can guarantee that you will be playing this version for many years to come!


Battle Your Opponent In Vehicle Vulture.

Vehicle Vulture Game If you've ever played Battleship as a kid, you know how much fun this game can be. Modeled after Battleship, Vehicle Vulture pits you against your opponent in parking lot domination.

Instead of ships, you are protecting the cars in your parking lot. Save your limousine, SUV, station wagon, and more while trying to find your opponent's cars.

Unlike most "battleship" type games, this one does not require any playing pieces. We give you and your children complete and easy to read instructions.

This game will be a classic in your car for many years. Make sure to print out more than just a few of the game boards for your next trip as this game will entertain everyone for hours upon hours.


Extreme Scavenger Hunts That Last The Entire Trip!

Road Trip Scavenger HuntWe can't tell you how many books we found that had a scavenger hunt in them that just included 10 to 15 items. Really? How is that supposed to entertain kids for longer than a few minutes?

We've driven all across the United States finding (and writing down) interesting items to include in this game. Our extreme version (we also have easier versions) includes over 170 different things to search for while traveling to your destination.

We also created an interesting twist that helps make the game even more fun. If you find an item that we've marked as a bonus, you can cross off another item on the list that has been evading you.


Road Trip Bingo That Doesn't End In 4 Minutes...

Car Bingo Graphic You've probably been searching all over the internet for travel bingo games for your kids and are probably discouraged -- just like we were.

Most of the printable car bingo cards that you find are poorly created and simply won't entertain your children for more than just a few minutes, so we've designed our own...

When you give your kids these road trip bingo cards on your next trip across the country or just across the town, they'll have a choice between 16 separate and unique cards.

These aren't your standard "cookie cutter" bingo cards. They actually have items that your kids will have fun searching for. Depending on the card they choose and the style of game, it could take hours or even the entire trip to get a blackout!


Become A Spy And Protect Your Secret Mission!

Secret Mission Travel Game For KidsWe absolutely love playing a game called "Secret Missions". It allows everyone in the car to become a spy and try to keep their mission a secret for as long as possible.

You don't need pens, pencils or any other supplies. You simply need to be creative with how you talk and react with your fellow passengers throughout your trip. We've included 30 separate missions to choose from and it is very easy to make your own. This game has been designed to be played out over the entire trip. We've included detailed instructions inside the book about how to play and what is involved.

This will keep a smile on everyone's face. Keeping a secret for the entire trip is difficult, but super fun!


"Print The Games As Many Times As You Want. There Is No Need To Buy Multiple Copies Of The Same Book!"

Unlike a traditional book, the "Ultimate Road Trip Games" book is a digital edition (in Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) format) that can be read and printed from both Windows and Mac computers. Books that you purchase from a "brick and mortar" store are inferior because after you've played one of the games, you are done. The page is marked up and you'd need to buy the book again to play it again on future trips.

Printable games image.

If your children like a particular game, you can literally print it out hundreds of times. There is no printing limit and you don't need to buy this book for every person in the car. This book will save you money, save you time and also help everyone keep their sanity throughout your trip!


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Thank you for your interest in our book.
We know that you will enjoy these printable travel games for years to come!

Kurt and Marije Boyer
Sock Monkey Studios, LLC.


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